techcell tree root protection system installed around a tree to protect the roots



TCS Techcell geocells offer an opportunity to protect tree roots from direct damage or degradation due to soil compaction by providing a ‘no-dig’ stabilised geocellular layer above the root complex. These ‘no dig’ solutions stabilised raft solutions are capable of spreading the load of trafficking vehicles and inhibiting the effects on the soil and roots below.  TCS’s  Techcell  cellular confinement system offers just such a solution. When filled with a 4mm – 20mm or 20mm – 40mm clean angular gravel,  Techcell geocells create a permeable stable surface that distributes the loads imposed by vehicular traffic whilst allowing water, air, and nutrients to reach the tree roots preserving the health of the tree. The British Standards Institute BS 5837:2012 provides recommendations relating to tree care, with a view to achieving a harmonious and sustainable relationship between new construction/existing structures and their surrounding trees. Techcell geocells not only comply with BS 5837:2012 but also with Arboriculture practice note 12 (APN12). If the final road surface requires a more formal permeable finish, this could be provided above the  Techcell via permeable block paving, porous asphalt, or polymer paviours such as Bodpave 85 or Bodpave40 which can be filled with gravel or seeded soil to provide a green finish.

An increase in urbanisation combined with the need to preserve flora has led to a rise in development in areas where the continued health of mature trees must be assured within the close vicinity of buildings and associated infrastructure. The preservation of these trees is generally ensured via Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).


Of particular note is the fact that cutting or otherwise damaging roots via excavation around them is also a restricted activity under TPOs.  However actual cutting of the tree roots is not required for the tree to suffer the ill effects of construction.  As many tree roots are found within the first metre of soil, trees see a decline in health when the areas surrounding the trees are not protected from trafficking by vehicles and plant. The trafficking not only crushes the roots but also compacts the soil around and above them reducing the permeability to water, air and also restricting the activity of burrowing insects and other fauna, which normally maintain a nutrient-rich healthy soil structure.




diagram of tree root protection system
Squashed tree roots from compressed soil prevent adequete intake of ground water.
Unstable ground creates rutting and compaction which prevents water drainage.
Dead branches from lack of water intake and nutrients.
Healthy tree roots.
TCS tree root protection system.
Healthy tree branches full of leaves.

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