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By December 20, 2018NEWS


Well, here we are at the end of yet another year. 2018 has been a very successful year for everyone here at TCS Geotechnics, as we continue to provide excellent support, service and key geotechnical products into the construction industry. This year saw TCS hit the 10 year milestone of industry trading. This is something we are extremely proud of and is a great achievement, showing just how far we have come since the company was first formed and it also shows our determination & dedication as the number one market leading geotechnical supplier. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and long may the relationships continue.

Our sales team has also seen a few changes. Our very own Jonny Wood has been promoted to Assistant Sales Manager. Well done Jonny!

Joanne Murray

Jonny Wood company headshot

Jonny Wood

Dan Cox

Joanne Murray has now joined us and brings with her 15 years of industry experience from a major geotechnical manufacturer. Dan Cox has also joined us as a Sales Administrator. Dan is working towards his NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and currently manages external logistics for TCS. Welcome Joanne and Dan.


We formed a brand new relationship with DuPont to sell solutions for weeds and root protection in the landscaping industry. DuPont manufacture a range of different products under the brand of Plantex. DuPont Plantex products are dedicated to prevent weed growth, suppress invasive plant species, such as Japanese Knotweed, and redirect tree roots from growing under pavements or man-made structures. Partnering with DuPont has enabled TCS Geotechnics to enter a specific section of the landscaping market, which is already proving to be a success.

Our partnership with Tensar is going from strength to strength, as we jointly support and promote Pavement Optimisation, using Tensar TriAx Geogrids. In a nutshell, Pavement Optimisation allows for asphalt reduction and aggregate reduction to lower initial costs and/or extend the life of your road, car park or other surfaced trafficked areas, over different design variations. Let us obtain a free project specific application suggestion for you to see what you can save on your project. Please contact us for more information.

Another successful partnership for TCS Geotechnics throughout 2018 has been with Terram Geosynthetics. Terram is a market leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative geosynthetics and there has been an historical relationship between the two companies since we placed our first order in 2010. Since then this partnership has developed year on year and 2018 saw TCS taking into stock many of Terram’s market leading products, such as Terram 1000 and Terram 2000 non-woven geotextiles. TCS are now excited to stock Bodpave 85! Terram Bodpave 85 grass pavers / paving grids are a strong interlocking 100% recycled cellular porous plastic paving grid system for grass reinforcement, ground stabilisation and gravel retention for regular trafficked surfaces. Bodpave 85 has added to the polymer paving range we can offer to our valued customers and it has proven to be a great success. We look forward to enhancing our relationship with Terram throughout 2019 and expanding upon our Terram stock offerings.


We are currently in the process of designing our 2019 Geotechnical brochure with the addition of new partnerships and products to make it as up to date as possible. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for when the new brochure will be available and make sure you get a copy.

We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for your continued support over the last year and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

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