Product: Bodpave 85 & Parking Markers
Quantity: 475m2 Bodpave 85 110 No. Parking Markers

Ingleton has been well-known for its caves and magnificent mountain scenery since the 18th century, but after a series of articles appeared in the local press, public curiosity prompted the appointment of an Improvements Company to make the waterfalls accessible to the public. The trail first opened on 11th April, 1885. Since then hundreds of thousands of visitors have flocked to Ingleton Waterfalls Trail.

The car parking area at Ingleton Falls had come to the end of it’s natural life span and the management company of the site had been looking for an aesthetic natural finish that would support the demands of a high volume of traffic descending on the area on a daily basis, whilst providing a Sustainable urban drainage area (SuDS), something a standard tarmac finish as previously laid many years before would not achieve.
Bodpave 85 was seen as an ideal solution, to create car parking bays that not only allowed for a permeable surface but also kept the area looking more natural than a tarmacadam finish.

Bodpave 85 porous pavers were laid onto a free-draining base and filled with an angular gravel finish. The Bodpave 85 can support loads of up to 400t/m2 (when gravel filled) making the product ideal for the rigorous demands of daily parking requirements. The design of BODPAVE 85 pavers allows them to positively interlock with each other, making installation simple and providing resistance against shear and lateral movement.

BODPAVE 85 Markers were used to mark the individual parking bays in the car park.

The contractor was impressed by the speed of installation for Bodpave 85 whilst also praising the speed of delivery from TCS Geotechnics stock and the fact he could place his order hassle free with the builders merchant of his choice, allowing him to place orders for all his site requirements with one source rather than having to source materials from varying contacts.

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