Product: TCS Gabion Baskets
Quantity: 59 

TCS Geotechnics were approached via one of our merchant partners to consult directly with their client to offer assistance in finding a solution to rehome a bat population on a new build housing estate. The bats had inhabited a derelict building on site which was deemed unsafe and so a satisfactory solution to rehome the bats was required, as all bat species and their roosts are legally protected by both domestic and international legislation. The client proposed to use TCS gabions to form the entrance and walls of the cave, this would then be landscaped with a grassed finish to give a natural look and help the cave blend in with the surrounding landscape.

TCS worked with the client, to determine the quantity, range of sizes, and wire thickness of the gabions required. The order was then placed via our Merchant partner and TCS supplied these gabions direct to site to an agreed delivery schedule. The client was highly satisfied once the project was finished and commented on how the gabions have helped the cave to assimilate successfully into the surrounding landscape making the cave aesthetically pleasing for local residents as well as a functional new habitat for the bat population. TCS was proud to be part of this project as according to the client this was the first bat-cave that had been created using this method.

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