Pro-Tex™ Pipe Socks can help with the control of waterborne pollution arising from the pumping of dirty water from groundworks like excavations and trenches. These simple systems are ideal for small projects where they offer significant economic advantages over larger installations.

The socks are very easy to install, going directly on to the end of the discharge pipe. The socks have the ability to absorb hydrocarbons and will remove any suspended solids down to a size of 90 microns.


BiobraneTM Pipe Socks control pollution caused when pumping dirty water from excavations, and offers an economical alternative to traditional dewatering bags or filtration products.

These easy to use and popular sediment filters bags are ideal for small projects and minor pollution problems to control pollution from sediment and oil sheen in pumped dirty water. Designed to attach directly to the discharge pipe, they quickly filter water to help prevent unwanted sediment, silt, debris or pollutants leaving the site in run-off. The socks have been designed to control pollution caused by pumping dirty water from excavations, trenches, lift shafts, bunds and the like, by filtering out sediment from contaminated water down to 92 micron. Biobrane™ Pipe Socks are uniquely made from a special plant based biopolymer, providing an environmentally responsible solution by using sustainable materials that are fully compostable and biodegradable at end of use.

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