Rootline Root & Weed barrier roll


Trees and other pervasive vegetation can cause major problems to structure, infrastructure and services via root ingress. The use of a root barrier can protect pipes and structures from damage caused by the vegetation root system and save on potentially costly repairs caused by root penetration.

The Rootline range offers a steadfast deterrent against invasive plant species including Japanese Knotweed (450C). The system offers an onsite containment method which is reliable, timely and cost effective when compared with traditional methods such as dig & dispose or extensive periods of treatment. Rootline is the ideal choice for containment of invasive plant species.


An impermeable membrane 1mm thick used typically in vertical trench application to form a physical barrier between structures/pipework against the effects of root penetration. Rootline 1000 can be used on the horizontal subject to engineers approval. Available in widths from 1.2mtr wide 2.5mtr wide, typically in 50 mtr rolls.


TERRAM ROOTGUARD is a geotextile manufactured from polypropylene/polyethylene fibres. It provides excellent resistance to root development; confirmed in numerous trials and commercial projects. TERRAM ROOTGUARD has high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and is capable of withstanding the differential forces that can develop in shrinking and expanding clay soils.

CUTEX (formaly known as Root X)

Cutex is a bio root barrier system. Two layers of geotextile sandwich a copper foil sheet to create an environmentally friendly permeable barrier that provides an inert chemical trace* to which roots and shoots are aversive.

With over 10 years of its supply and installation within the UK, Cutex has shown to be an effective root barrier.

Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species can be controlled economically.


Cutex can be used to contain land contaminated by invasive plant species as well as an effective barrier to root and sheet growth of all plants. It can be used in horizontal and vertical applications with the benefit of offering a permeable root barrier.

Supplied in rolls 5.2m x 50m (or shorter rolls by negotiation) the large roll size minimises the number of joins on site over large areas.


  • Effective and cost effective root control
  • Versatile, dealing with a wide variety of plant species
  • Low-cost control of Japanese Knotweed
  • Gas and liquid permeable, grades available
  • Flexible and light and therefore easily handled on site

*The copper foil only releases minute quantities of the copper ion.

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